Wear the beauty of Costa Rica

jewelry and accessories hand made by the indigenous Ngäbe women of Costa Rica


Invest in an artisan.

When you purchase from Ngäbe Creaciones you’re:

-empowering a Ngäbe woman

Your purchase allows our artisans to utilize their talents to earn a livable income

-helping Ngäbe families flourish

The money our artisans earn ensures they can afford basic necessities like food and school supplies for their children

-paving a path out of poverty

With steady income, Ngäbe women help their families start building wealth

Building confidence, one creation at a time.

Since launching Ngäbe Creaciones in 2017, we’ve seen the communities we work with grow and flourish as Ngäbe women realize the value of their skills and talents. With every purchase made, our artisans are further affirmed in the value of their work.

Supporting our artisans is simple:

1. Shop now, and find a creation you love

2. Make a purchase

3. Our artisans keep creating and earning an income that helps their families flourish.

4. Sow into the artisan project through a tax deductible donation. Click here to donate.

Ngäbe women should have the opportunity to earn a consistent income.

After building relationships with indigenous Ngäbe communities in Costa Rica, we learned that the Ngäbe women had a desire to work and earn extra income for their families. 

Without this extra income, Ngäbe families struggle to afford basic necessities like groceries and school supplies. But, limited access to childcare and transportation prevented many Ngäbe women from finding consistent work.

We believe that Ngäbe women who need and want employment should be able to find it, which is why we launched Ngäbe Creaciones in 2017 to give Ngäbe women the opportunity to utilize skills and talents unique to their culture to earn a fair income. Supporting the artisans of Ngäbe Creaciones is simple:

1. shop now, and find a creation you love

2. Make a purchase

3. Our artisans keep creating and keep earning an income that helps their families flourish. 


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