Handmade Ngäbe Chácara / Shoulder Bag / Woven: Yellow and Red


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Chácara or ‘kra’ is the word used by the indigenous Ngäbe people of Costa Rica and Panama to describe the bags that are a functional part of their everyday life. Chácaras are made in different sizes, and are used by the Ngäbe people for carrying grains and seeds during the harvest season, transporting clothing to the river for washing, and in some cases, as a swing or hammock for infants.

This chácara is handmade by Juana, a precious Ngäbe woman, which means that her unique story is woven in among the fibers of the bag you could soon hold in your hands. The material used to make this chácara is similar to a crochet thread. Originally, the chácara was made from plant fibers.

From slight flaws in the stitching, to the residual smell of smoke from the indoor wood burning stoves the Ngäbe use for cooking, every imperfection serves as a connection to the individual who is investing her time and talent in hopes of creating a sustainable form of income for her family. Your purchase of this chácara makes that hope a reality for Juana. We hope that you cherish the connection with Juana, knowing that your purchase is having a positive impact on her life.

Unique Indigenous Design
Size: 8 inches X 8 inches

Strap drop length: 23 inches

Zipper closure

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