Coffee Bean Bracelets with Costa Rican Wood Beads and Coffee Beans


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This coffee bean and Costa Rican wood beaded bracelet, handmade by one of our artisans from the indigenous Ngäbe (pronounced no-bee) people group of Costa Rica, is a unique statement piece of jewelry that is perfect for any coffee lover! The coffee beans used to make this bracelet are grown in Costa Rica, and each bean is hand drilled by our artisans and then roasted.

After the beans are cooled, they are treated with a light clear coat to preserve their natural beauty. The beans are then strung by hand on stretchy cord, along with the beads made from the cocobolo tree or Mora tree of  Costa Rica. The bracelet has a natural rustic look that goes with most any apparel. The bracelet is made with a durable stretch cord that enables easy wear and removal.

Your purchase helps our indigenous artisan shop members provide for their families and maintain a stable income and allows you the satisfaction of purchasing with a purpose.

~ Natural materials

~ Flexible Cord

~ Purchase with a Purpose

~ Coffee and Wood harvested in Costa Rica

~ Handmade in Costa Rica


Cocolobo Wood – Dark, Mora Wood – Light, Set of 3 Bracelets: 2 Cocobolo (dark) + 1 Mora (light), Set of 3 Bracelets: 2 Mora (light) + 1 Cocobolo (dark), Set of 3 Bracelets: Cocobolo Wood – Dark, Set of 3 Bracelets: Mora Wood – Light


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